Allen C. Benson, Writer, Photographer, Librarian


Allen C. Benson
Allen Benson & Gordon Nelson

My research interests focus on photography, philosophy of image, and how humans use language to represent knowledge about entities. You may view my Ph.D. dissertation Relationship Analysis of  Image Descriptions: An Ontological, Content Analytic Approach, which examines how humans express relationships when describing images. I am currently working on the ontology of the photograph and ontology-based representation in the Scone knowledge-base system. I perform this work with Dr. Scott E. Fahlman, Carnegie Mellon University.

Please view my recent publications: “Killed Negatives: The Unseen Photographic Archives,” in Archivaria Volume 68 (2010), “The Archival Photograph and Its Meaning: Formalisms for Modeling Images,” Journal of Archival Organization Volume 7, Number 4 (2009), and most recently, “OntoPhoto and the Role of Ontology in Organizing Knowledge,” Knowledge Organization Volume 38, Number 2 (2011). 

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